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GDE Magazine TV Interviews: Anthony Brown (Former Pro Basketball Player)

GDE Magazine TV Interviews: The Dre D' Show

GDE Magazine TV Interviews: Don Gee (Rapper/Producer) & Mona Lysa (Dancer/Model)

GDE Magazine TV Interviews Zenvious D ZignZ

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GDE Magazine TV is an online Talk Show that features some of the hottest Entertainment News, Video Clips, Trending Fashion, Relationship Advice, & Exclusive Interviews from Celebrities, Recording Artist, & Entreprenuers from all around the World.

This show is Hosted by: 

Shorty Roc* 

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GDE Magazine TV 
Previous Episodes

Special Guest: Vanity Styles (Film Maker/Femme Fatale)

Special Guest: Kei Gii (Photographer) 

& Joel Francois (Celebrity Fitness Trainer)

Special Guest Kendra Hutchins (Arthur/TV Host)

Special Guest: Lolita Defoe 

(Photographer/Graphic Designer)

Special Guest: Sabrina Oaadams (Spoken Word Artist)

Special Guest: Hope Kiriisi

Special Guest: Zha Zha Chinks (Fashion Model) &

Priceless (Female Rapper)

Special Guest Anise Marie

GDE TV Valentine's Day Edition

Special Guest Shae Allen